Custom Car Cover Keeps Your Car Shielded When Outdoors

Having a custom car cover will now not best add a hint of class on your vehicle however additionally maintain and maintain it in a manner it merits. Unfortunately for both you and your vehicle, there’s too many risks lurking in the outside to go away your car unprotected. The climate reasons untold harm in your car in lots of special methods. All are very annoying and distressing, as you watch your automobile literally wither away earlier than your eyes. In no time at all, your car will become a shadow of its former glory and beauty. That is except you protect it with a custom cover. Custom automobile covers are best as they are made to fit your car precisely, hugging towards its contours, and making sure that no damage can come its manner. The custom cowl appears very chic and trendy as it gives the car a actual figure, even if covered. Custom automobile cover owners can pick the color for their cowl, and even have the choice to area a emblem in their choice at the bonnet. This offers the proprietors a threat to personalize their covers and make it appearance even greater fashionable.

You might be capable of benefit in lots of ways from having a custom cover. The rain, snow, solar and different detrimental climate situations can be unable to filter through to you vehicle, and it will continue to be included from them. The car might be dust-loose, and now not get disturbing patches of bird losing stains over the outside. You could be able to store yourself a lot of money that would have in any other case had to be spent on getting your vehicle continuously wiped clean, polished, and re-waxed. Your car will always look bright and smooth, and could entire your image.

The advantage of a custom cover is that you know that the duvet will in shape your automobile, and suit it well. This is in evaluation to the regular cover. The popular cover is one length to healthy all vehicles irrespective of how huge or small. This method that both the cover could be grossly massive, or very tight and ill-fitting. The result often is that the safety supplied is minimal. Custom covers then again will maximize the protection offered due to its perfect match. There will be no areas which are left uncovered, and peeking out, nor is there any area for something unwanted to creep in uninvited.

2019 – NISSAN LEAF   

The second-generation Nissan LEAF, the world’s best-selling 100% electric vehicle, today made its debut in Latin America during the Nissan press conference at the 30th edition of the São Paulo Salon at the São Paulo Expo pavilion. The model is one of the highlights of the booth of the Japanese brand in the event, which opens the doors to the public between 8 and 18 November. With confirmed sales to the Brazilian market starting in the first half of 2019, the new Nissan LEAF represents a new level in the market for large-scale electric cars, offering more autonomy, advanced technologies, and a renewed and dynamic design. In its second generation, it has been fully reinvented to offer even more autonomy and a renewed, modern and dynamic design, as well as incorporating advanced technologies to translate Nissan’s technological leadership “Nissan LEAF arrives in Latin America to offer region consumers the best of the brand worldwide, with advanced technologies that deliver the ultimate in intelligent driving experience, performance and connectivity within our vision of the future of mobility, Nissan Intelligent Mobility “Says José Luis Valls, chairman of Nissan Latin America.

In its second generation, with an exciting acceleration similar to a sports car, the Nissan LEAF has been fully reinvented to offer even more autonomy and a new and modern design, as well as incorporating advanced technologies such as e-Pedal, which increases the pleasure of driving . For Valls, “the arrival of the Nissan LEAF represents for Latin American consumers the possibility of experiencing a more exciting and integrated driving with the environment. The Nissan LEAF is the best selling electric vehicle in the world and is a reference in its segment worldwide. His arrival in Latin America confirms Nissan’s commitment to its growth strategy in the region. ” In addition to being innovative, the Nissan LEAF is the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, a vision of the brand that seeks to transform the way vehicles are driven, driven and integrated into society, to achieve a zero emissions and zero accident future. Thanks to the longer battery life and the evolution of autonomous driving technologies, not to mention the unique car systems such as e-Pedal, the new Nissan LEAF allows to strengthen Nissan’s leadership in electric vehicles and to promote the expansion of the segment in scale global – are more than 365 thousand LEAF sold worldwide since 2010, the first generation’s launch year. In addition, the model displays key attributes that will be seen in future Nissan volkswagen car covers.

state-of-the-art e-Powertrain

The Nissan LEAF offers 389 km of autonomy in the urban cycle, according to WLTP standards (270 km combined cycle), and 240 km in accordance with the EPA cycle, allowing the driver to make longer journeys. With new e-Powertrain technology, the new Nissan LEAF delivers 110 kW (149 hp) of power and 320 Nm of torque, improving acceleration and driving pleasure. In addition, the model is equipped with the revolutionary e-Pedal technology, which transforms the way people drive. The system allows the driver to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop, simply by increasing or decreasing the force exerted on the accelerator pedal. When no pressure is exerted on the accelerator pedal, regenerative or friction brakes are triggered automatically, allowing the vehicle to stop completely and keep it still on slopes until the accelerator pedal is depressed again. The e-Pedal’s reactivity enhances the pleasure of driving an electric vehicle. Exterior design features smooth lines and ‘technological footprint’ The design of the new Nissan LEAF features a sleeker and lower profile with dynamic and imposing lines associated with aerodynamics that enhances the modern look, reminiscent of the excitement of driving an electric vehicle.

Features of the Nissan brand appear on the boomerang-shaped headlamps and the V-motion front grille. Already the light blue tone, present at the bottom of the front grille and the frame of the rear bumper, reminds that the model is part of the family of electric vehicles of Nissan. The interior of the Nissan LEAF was designed with a driver-focused design, featuring a Gliding Wing front panel, the space of which has been optimized to enhance functionality. The interior design provides a sense of tranquility with a touch of sophistication, thanks to the use of carefully selected materials. The vibrant blue that appears on the sides of the seats, dashboard and steering wheel follows as a trademark of Nissan’s electric vehicles. The configuration of the new 7.0-inch color display with thin film (TFT) highlights the main functions such as the Safety Shield indicator of available power and information on navigation and audio systems.

2019 – NISSAN LEAF and +

Nissan today unveiled the Nissan LEAF and +. The version, which brings an even more powerful powertrain and with greater autonomy, increases the appeal of the best selling electric car in the world. The ‘e +’ refers to the battery pack with the highest energy density and the best powertrain performance. The new set adds approximately 40% autonomy to the car, allowing the Nissan LEAF to meet the driving needs of even more customers. “The LEAF and + is ‘more’ LEAF, and offers customers more possibilities in terms of power and reach,” said Daniele Schillaci, Nissan’s Executive VP. “By offering customers the option of powertrain to meet their needs, the award-winning Nissan LEAF is now more convenient and attractive than ever,” he said. There are already more than 380,000 Nissan LEAF units sold globally since the 100% electric model hit the market in 2010. Equipped with advanced technologies including the semi-automated ProPILOT driving system and e-Pedal mode for driving with a single pedal , the Nissan LEAF incorporates Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which is the company’s vision to change the way cars are driven, driven and integrated into society.

A pioneer in the mass production of electric cars with the Nissan LEAF, Nissan continues to promote mobility alternatives. Nissan LEAF plays a vital role in Nissan’s efforts to integrate electric vehicles and power systems into the lives of its customers by creating an ‘electric vehicle ecosystem’or pass energy back to power grids, as well as new efforts for reuse of batteries. The Nissan LEAF and + arrives at Japanese dealerships at the end of January this year. Sales in the United States begin in the second quarter.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

The Nissan LEAF and + represents a breakthrough in each of Nissan’s three key Intelligent Mobility areas: Intelligent Power, Intelligent Driving and Intelligent Integration.

Nissan Intelligent Power: Longer Range and Performance

The Nissan LEAF and + features a new version of the revolutionary electric powertrain, blending excellent energy efficiency with robust torque and power. While the Nissan LEAF meets the needs of many customers with its range of up to 322 km (WLTC cycle from Japan), almost silent operation and a smooth and immediate acceleration, the Nissan LEAF and + offers more than 40% additional autonomy, reaching up to 458 km (WLTC cycle from Japan), allowing customers to do more with less loads. The high-capacity battery and the more powerful LEAF + + engine work together to produce 160 kilowatts of power and 340 Nm of torque, allowing for faster pickups when at high speed. The acceleration from 80 km / h to 120 km / h was almost 13% faster. This allows the LEAF and + to make maneuvering and maneuvering even more easily in traffic. The maximum speed increased by approximately 10%. Due to the availability of a new 70 kW Quick Charge system (peak of 100 kW), the Nissan LEAF and + 2019 can recharge more efficiently. Based on early testing, Nissan LEAF and + owners can expect similar recharging times when connected with a 100 kW charger, just as the current Nissan LEAF owners achieve with a 50 kW charger despite the fact that the battery charge capacity is 55% higher.

Even with a 25% increase in power density and increased storage capacity, the Nissan LEAF and + battery pack is almost the same size and configuration as the Nissan LEAF kit. There was only a 5 mm increase in overall height (16-inch wheels). The exterior and interior dimensions of the car remain unchanged. To ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind, which is central to Nissan, the 8-year or 160,000-km battery warranty (whichever comes first) is standard for all versions. “Nissan LEAF serves 99% of the electric vehicle purchasers expected in the market,” Schillaci said. “Nissan LEAF customers can choose the best option to match their lifestyle between the two powertrains and the technologies available.”

Nissan Intelligent Driving: the innovative ProPILOT and smooth e-Pedal operation

ProPILOT plays a key role in Nissan Intelligent Driving. It is a semiautomatic steering technology that allows you to automatically adjust the distance to the vehicle from the front and a speed pre-set by the driver. The ProPILOT also helps the driver to keep the vehicle centered in its lane. If the car ahead stops, the ProPILOT triggers the brakes automatically, to bring the vehicle to a complete stop if necessary. After stopping completely, the vehicle can remain in place, even if the driver’s foot is not on the brake pedal. If the traffic starts to move again, the car starts moving again when the driver pushes the ProPilot button on the steering wheel or if the throttle is touched. All of these functions can reduce the stress of driving on highways, both in heavy traffic and at high speeds. ProPILOT Park (available only in Japan and US models) is a system capable of triggering accelerator, brake, maneuvering, shifting and parking brake to drive the car to a parking space. Another enhancement to the Nissan LEAF driving experience is the e-Pedal, which allows the driver to accelerate, decelerate, and stop using only the accelerator pedal.

Due to the increased power and weight of the Nissan LEAF and +, Nissan has reprogrammed the e-Pedal software. This for smoother operation and more precise pedal responses, especially for reverse operations, and for smoother and faster deceleration, making it easier to stop the car with the e-Pedal, even when maneuvering in reverse. In addition to ProPILOT and e-Pedal, the Nissan LEAF comes with advanced security technologies including Intelligent Track Change Alert, Intelligent Emergency Assist, Intelligent Blind Spot Monitoring, Intelligent Cross-Traffic Alert and 360-degree Intelligent System of Cameras.

Nissan Intelligent Integration: new interface, larger screen and updates

The new Nissan LEAF connects drivers, vehicles and communities through its Man-Machine Interface. This allows the owner, depending on the country, to use the NissanConnect app on their smartphone to perform tasks such as monitoring the vehicle’s charge level, scheduling recharging, when it can benefit from the best power rates, finding the charging station and warm or refresh the car before entering it. A novelty for the Nissan LEAF and + (in North American and European models) is a larger color monitor (8.0 inches) with an updated navigation system that can be connected with a compatible smartphone. This display has operation similar to a smartphone, including actions such as touch, slide and scroll. The applications, maps and firmware are updated wirelessly with a button, without the need to connect a USB cable or go to a Nissan dealership. Other new features include Door-to-Door Navigation. With it, before reaching the parked car, just put the destination in the application ‘Door-To-Door Navigation’, available for Android and iOS. In addition to assisting the location of the vehicle in a large parking lot, for example, if you enter the car and switch on the multimedia system, the route to the destination will automatically be transferred to the screen. Navigation will continue normally without the need for further intervention. The Connections feature allows passengers to connect quickly and easily with the vehicle’s system. The integration goes beyond what’s in the vehicle and now includes Nissan Energy, making Nissan LEAF vehicles part of a larger ecosystem of electric vehicles.

Stylish and modern design

One of the most eye-catching exterior elements of the new Nissan LEAF is the sleek, aerodynamic silhouette of the car, which maximizes its efficiency. The bold front features Nissan’s V-Motion grille with 3D blue effects. The aerodynamic profile gives the car a sporty look. At the rear, the design of the lanterns stands out. The Nissan LEAF and + repeats most of the design of Nissan LEAF. Some subtle details deliver the + and + version, such as the differentiated front with blue details and the ‘e +’ logo below the recharge point cap. Just like the Nissan LEAF, the Nissan LEAF and + has spacious and highly functional interior with high quality and technology. The combination of Premium materials throughout the cabin matches an exquisite vehicle. A vibrant blue stitching on the steering wheel, seats and door linings highlight the car as Nissan’s electric vehicle. “The Nissan LEAF and + takes Nissan Intelligent Mobility further,” said Schillaci. “Nissan LEAF continues to play its leading role, paving the way for an efficient and sustainable society – creating a ‘new normal’. This ‘normal’ goes beyond the possession of a vehicle, and offers additional benefits to the customer and the world. “

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